insane future tech weapons

This video on YouTube goes through 15 insane future tech weapons. Not all will see mass production but they are still interesting to learn about.

In order from the video:

Metal storm

Fires 1 million rounds per minute! Design began in the 1990s.


YouTube's personality from Hacksmith industries made this.

Laser rifle

Blinds and disorients. Not quite like a Star Trek phaser yet.

Mojave drone

The F35 of drones. Uses hellfire missiles with automatic programming and AI.

Robot soldiers

The United States is already developing robot soldiers and is hoping to some day replace some human soldiers.

Roman is a tank that can manipulate many objects. It can't fully replace humans (yet).

Self steering bullets

Guns that use these bullets (exacto bullets) beginner shooters can hit targets easily while just loosely aiming. Likely, the bullets use small fins and other guidance to zero in on the target.

Active denial system

This system is a non-lethal heat ray. Heats up human skin over time causing a very painful heat sensation. Can cause serious damage when aimed at the face and especially eyes.

Thunder generator

Sonic blaster developed by Israel that can cause ear piecing explosions and screams. Disorients and temporarily disables hearing. Ouch. Can do 60-100 bursts per minute at 200 meters per second with 300 millisecond bursts. Very expensive to use.

Helios laser

Mounted on to United States Navy ships, this 60 kilowatt laser can disable drones and sensors. Can even knock down smaller aircraft and missiles. Very effective and unlimited power/duration. The laser also doubles as a sensor for reconnaissance. 150 million dollars / unit.

Death beam

Even stronger than the Helios laser. Destroy ships, large missiles and aircraft. Uses large pieces of glass to amplify.

Tactical ultra short pulsed laser

Shoot beams and small pellets. A laser machine gun. Use up to 5 terawatts of energy, 50 shots per second.

Cyber weapons

Hacking and disabling communications and systems is the name of the game. STUXNet is a collaboration between the United States and Israel targeting machines and industrial processes.

Iron dome

Israel air defense system. In service since 2011 which attempts to intercept all incoming rockets. Uses radar to detect, then a command and control system sends out missiles to destroy incoming rockets. Very effective against short range projectiles with a near 90% success rate. Medium range and ballistic missiles including hypersonic missiles are not able to be intercepted yet.

Corner shot gun

Easily shoot around walls and obstacles without exposing the soldier. Uses a camera to see ahead.

Smart guns

The United States is investing a lot in these weapons. The idea is that the gun will only fire when specific conditions are met. For example, a watch could pair with the gun ensuring only firing when watch RFID matches and is within 10 inches of the watch. Some guns are also using fingerprint scanners on the handles.

The future will be very interesting as these, and other weapons, are developed and deployed to militaries around the world.

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