these headphones are impervious to damage indestructible

Wouldn't it be nice to have a pair of headphones that were impervious to damage? Enter the German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor.

Insanely Durable Headphones

These headphones are insanely durable. They even just look tough just by looking at them. They are solid and efficient and of German make. There have been many glowing reviews of these headphones, with many of them using the word indestructible.

Someone dropped the image of a pair of leather boots stepping on them, and another mentioned that they were frequently used in listening stations at music shops.

They have a balanced and detailed sound, and the fact that they are sensitive and did not need a powerful headphone amp to listen to them made them even better.

There was a long thread on about them, with many users praising them. The thread got even more creative over the years, with people wording it more and more fancy.

The Thread Progression

The thread progressed over several years and people started to get really creative. Some did not like the stock pads and replaced them. Others drilled holes in them and did their own modifications to the stock cable.

Eventually, German Maestro released a version with a removable cable and an additional stock pair of pads - all at the request of customers. It's very nice to see a customer take in feedback.

These headphones certainly tick off most check marks for listening. They can only be ordered directly from the manufacturer, and you have to pay in euros. You will have to wait patiently for them to arrive.

One user who waited for his and finally got them said they were incredibly sturdy. The plastic was thick but didn't weigh the headphones down. Everything today is cheap and flimsy, but these headphones were of very high quality. You could do anything to them and they would survive.

Do you have a pair of these German Maestro headphones? What has been your experience?