no more cord on this mechanical keyboard the keychron q1 pro

The Keychron Q1 Pro is a wireless option of the original Q1, which is a mechanical keyboard. This is one of the best keyboards you can buy on the market right now. The reason is because it is now wireless.

Keychron Q1 Pro

This keyboard has a similar design to the Q1, so if you are already familiar with that keyboard, you'll have no problem using this one. The Q1 Pro is $194 and it can connect with a USB cable or Bluetooth with a battery life of up to 300 hours. It can remember wireless connections for 3 devices or less.

This special keyboard is launching on Kickstarter today. There is a standard and fully assembled model and there is also a bare-bones option that comes without keycaps or switches for $174. We think the extra $20 is worth it to have what looks like a normal keyboard.

The Kickstarter is expected to run for about a month and have an MSRP of $199 when fully assembled and $179 for the bare bones version upeon release.

Are There Downsides?

There are downsides to running the keyboard wirelessly. First, the polling rate gets cut to 90 Hz down from 1,000 Hz when connected with USB. That's a big penalty to have for using the product wirelessly. If you are playing a fast paced game where lag must be minimal, you are probably going to want the USB option here and not the convenient Bluetooth option.

The keyboard also comes with the Keychron K Pro branded switch rather than Gateron models. There's a choice of three switches and they are a linear red, tactile brown, or tactile yellow.

We think the keyboard looks nice and has good functionality, but is a little pricey when you can get a normal keyboard for less than $100.