kremlin and putin targeted with drone strike with one goal

There is a video of what appears to be a drone strike against Russia and the Kremlin with the objective of killing president Putin. This drone strike doesn't appear to be successful, but it does bring up questions of how far someone can go into your country and attack you.

Drones Near the Kremlin

According to various news sources, Ukraine has targeted the Kremlin with a drone strike with the goal of killing President Putin. Russia has accused Ukraine of this trike. Russian officials said Putin was not injured and that the two drones were shot down.

The Kremlin said it reserves the right to retaliate, according to Russia's TASS media outlet. What's interesting is that Russia is already invading Ukraine, so where does the retaliation come from?

Put Not at Kremlin

Russian state news has reported that Putin was not present at the Kremlin during the attempted drone strike. The two unmanned aerial vehicle drones were intercepted by air defense, and didn't cause any damage or harm.

According to Kremlin spokesman, "President Putin's working schedule has not been affected and will continue as usual."

Legitimate Attack?

There are those that are saying if this is an attack on President Putin's life, that this is a bad idea and putting Putin's life in danger could lead to a nuclear escalation by Russia.

I personally don't agree with giving someone special treatment, but is this warranted if a country has nuclear weapons? It seems like Putin is being treated like a bully, except instead of punching him in the nose, he is being given special treatment.

Either way, the use of nuclear weapons would be a bad idea by anyone. Hopefully things don't come to that.

What do you think of this drone attack on the Kremlin? Was it from Ukraine?