despite big tech layoffs us job market is incredibly strong

Autodesk, Okta and other tech companies announced layoffs today. Despite that, five-hundred thousand new jobs were added in the US job market. Unemployment in the US is down to a 53 year low at just 3.4%.

Here are the summaries of February layoffs so far, according to this Linkedin post

  • Ten percent of employees at the Seattle startup Highspot have reportedly lost their jobs.
  • Getaround, a peer-to-peer car-sharing company, let go of 10% of its staff.
  • Autodesk laid off approximately 250 employees, or less than 2% of its global workforce.
  • Games publisher Tilting Point reduced its global headcount by 10%.
  • Cutbacks at Mindstrong span 127 employees and the mental health startup's CEO.
  • Boston-area health tech firm Athenahealth laid off 178 people, or about 3% of its global workforce.
  • The Agency, a Bravo-famous real estate brokerage, has reportedly let go of 4% of its staff.
  • The crypto world is witnessing layoffs at Chainalysis (4.8% of staff), Prime Trust (one third of staff), Bittrex (83 people) and CoinTracker (19 people).
  • LinkedIn members are posting about layoffs at the software firm Genesys, urban data firm Replica, gifting platform Sendoso (which also laid people off last year), and e-learning developer Articulate.
  • Austin telehealth company Wheel parted ways with 28% of its workers.
  • The D.C.-based cybersecurity firm Cyren has reduced its staff by 121 employees.
  • Okta, which makes identity and login verification software, will cut 300 jobs, or about 5% of its workforce.
  • Legal tech company Exterro cut nearly two dozen jobs, mostly from its recently acquired competitor, Zapproved.
  • Software developer Miro is cutting 7% of its global workforce, or 119 employees.
  • Following what was reportedly a smaller round of cutbacks in December, Pinterest is letting go of another 150 employees, or less than 5% of its total workforce.
  • REI’s HQ staff is getting 8% smaller. The outdoor retailer has laid off 167 employees.
  • In a rare move, FedEx is trimming its global management team and eliminating 10% of its officer- and director-level roles.
  • Sports betting giant DraftKings is cutting 140 jobs, approximately 3.5% of its workforce, amid a reorganization.
  • As rivals slash prices on electric vehicles, EV-maker Rivian is reducing its global workforce by 6%.
  • Roughly 325 employees were let go at Splunk, a software company.
  • Dallas-based Match Group, which owns Hinge, Tinder and OkCupid in addition to, will lay off about 200 people, or 8% of its global workforce.
  • Bustle Digital Group will reduce its staff size by 8% and cease publication of the recently rebooted website Gawker.
  • New York Community continues to downsize its mortgage-origination team, from 2,100 workers in 2021 to 800 today.
  • Wish laid off 150 employees, or 17% of its workforce, as part of the mobile shopping app’s “turnaround journey.”
  • Newsletter publisher TheSkimm laid off nearly 10% of its workforce in mid-January, Business Insider reported Wednesday.