walmart forces staff to relocate in order to keep jobs

Walmart has told hundreds of employees that they must relocate to keep their jobs, and is closing down multiple offices.

Walmart is closing three Tech hubs

Walmart is closing offices in Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon, and Carlsbad, and it is also telling hundreds of staff that they must relocate or be let go from their jobs.

With Walmart planning to close three of its US technology hubs and also requiring hundreds of its workers to relocate, that is big news for a company that seems to be making a lot of money. Walmart is also making a policy that requires all of its technology workers to come into the office to work at least two days a week.

There was a memo sent to staff last week from Suresh Kumar, Walmart's Global Chief technology officer, that gave the news telling people they needed to relocate or be let go.

Walmart has told its workers in the locations where the offices are shutting down that it will pay for them to relocate to other offices such as San Bruno, California or the company's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart hopes to be able to relocate most of the workers who will be allowed to become full-time remote workers, a spokeswoman from Walmart said and this will leave those who leave a severance pay, she said.

Walmart's decisions

Walmart has made the decision to focus on their texting presents within just a few select locations, said the spokesperson from Walmart. Many other technology companies have announced the layoffs lately.

Walmart is also made a policy that requires technology workers to come into the office 2 days a week, the memo said from Mr Kumar, the technology officer of Walmart. There are workers in Walmart's Bentonville corporate headquarters who have been required to work in person for 5 days out of the week since last year.

There seems to be a shift for technology companies that are starting to have people come into the offices to work. Activision Blizzard, publisher of video games like Call of Duty, on Monday said that the company is going to step up it's in office policy and notified some employees that they will need to report to offices three days a week beginning in April.

Other companies are making announcements like that, such as Walt Disney requiring employees to come into its offices 4 days a week and also the Vanguard Group which said to employees in recent weeks that they have to adhere to a hybrid work schedule which is often three days a week.

Walmart is planning to open new tech hubs in Atlanta and Toronto and plants to add thousands more to his staff and team, which he said is around 20,000 people. Before that, Walmart had 11 tech hubs. Walmart has about 1.7 million workers in the US, with the majority being hourly staff in the stores and warehouses and about 6 million other staff internationally. Walmart also said it is going to raise its minimum US store wages in a tight job market for hourly workers.

Do you think Walmart is doing the right thing? Or are they just following the trend of other technology companies?