get the apple watch series 7 with lte at a discounted price of 329 today

The Apple Watch is a popular choice among iPhone users but the Series 7, although it's an older model, is still a good option, especially when it's on sale. Right now, you can get the 45mm, LTE-enabled version of the Series 7 at Walmart for $329, which is $200 cheaper than the Series 8.


The Series 7 has similar specs to the Series 8, such as improved dust resistance, a bigger display, and fitness-tracking capabilities, but it does not have the Series 8's menstrual tracking or crash detection features. However, if those features aren't important to you, the Series 7 is still a great option.

The Series 8 has an oxygen monitor and a medication/supplement reminder which can be helpful if you tend to forget to take these frequently.

Crash Detection

Finally, one feature worth noting is "Crash Detection". This feature is able to automatically detect if you've been in a severe car accident and take action to help you. When a crash is detected, the watch will automatically connect you to emergency services, give dispatchers your location, and notify your designated emergency contacts. This feature is made possible by the watch's advanced sensors and technology. Such sensors include an improved 3-axis gyroscope, a new g-force accelerometer with the highest dynamic range of any smartwatch, a barometer, GPS, and improved algorithms and crash data usage.

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