tech industrys ongoing layoffs latest updates and news

The US economy added over 500,000 jobs in January; however, tech industry workers are feeling the effects of the ongoing layoffs. Here are the latest updates and news.

Latest Layoffs

  • IRobot lays off 85 employees, representing 7% of its workforce, while it is in the process of being acquired by Amazon.
  • CommerceHub, a software company, is announcing layoffs.
  • LinkedIn has laid off some staff members of its talent acquisition team.
  • Meta, despite better-than-expected Q4 earnings, is planning further layoffs in March.
  • Rigetti Computing replaces its CFO and CTO and lays off 28% of its workforce due to low stock prices.
  • Cloud communications firm Twilio cuts 1,500 jobs or 17% of its workforce.
  • Daily Harvest, a food delivery service, plans to lay off 60 employees due to sales decline.
  • Dandy, a dental software company, announces layoffs.
  • Bark, the owner of BarkBox, reduces its workforce by 12%, cutting 126 jobs, and limits its use of contractors.
  • Olive AI, a health tech company, downsizes by 35%, laying off 215 employees.
  • News Corp cuts 1,250 positions, which is roughly 5% of its workforce, by the end of the year.
  • Yahoo lays off 1,000 people or 12% of its workforce as it restructures its digital ad business; another 8% will be let go later in the year.
  • GitHub, like LinkedIn, is owned by Microsoft, and announces cutbacks that affect 10% of its staff.
  • GitLab reduces its workforce by 7%.
  • GoDaddy lays off 530 employees, representing 8% of its workforce, due to client spending slowdown and brand integration.
  • Disney eliminates 7,000 positions as it restructures into distinct entertainment, ESPN, and parks divisions.
  • JPMorgan Chase cuts hundreds of employees from its mortgage business.
  • Affirm lets go of 19% of its employees due to a bursting buy-now, pay-later bubble.
  • Medly, a pharmacy start-up, closes its stores and lets go of all its remaining team members.
  • Gusto, a payroll provider, lays off 126 employees, representing about 5% of its staff.
  • Nomad Health lays off workers despite securing $105 million in new financing in June.
  • Zoom lays off 1,300 people or 15% of its workforce.

February Summary

  • VinFast, a Vietnamese EV maker, cuts about 80 jobs in North America following a restructuring.
  • Gong, a unicorn-status analytics company, lets go of about 80 employees.
  • EBay shrinks its workforce by 4%, or 500 employees.
  • Secureworks reduces its headcount by 9%, affecting over 200 employees.
  • Truist Financial reportedly lets go of dozens of investment bankers.
  • Boeing expects to cut about 2,000 corporate jobs.
  • Dell Technologies eliminates around 6,650 positions, representing 5% of its global workforce.
  • Clari sheds 20 roles, while Workato lets go of 90 employees.
  • Layoffs affect several Boston-area companies, including Drift, Kyruus, and Desktop Metal.
  • Getir, one of several rapid delivery startups struggling to gain U.S. market share, reportedly lays off 100 corporate employees.
  • Salesforce, the biggest employer in San Francisco, moves forward with a workforce reduction that was announced in January.
  • Highspot, a Seattle startup, lays off 10% of its employees.
  • Cutbacks at Protocol Labs, Bittrex, Chainalysis, Prime Trust, and Coin