there was some incredible automotive technology showcased at ces 2023

CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year and in 2023, some amazing, incredible, and futuristic technology was revealed.

CES 2023

There were about 3,200 exhibits at CES 2023 each showcasing different things from automotive technology to gadgets to televisions and robot dogs. All of these are exciting, however, there was some automotive technology that highlighted the event.

Some of the primary areas that were featured in automotive technology were EVs, Infotainment (the screen and system inside an EV), and autonomous driving technology.

BMW i Vision Dee was showcased, and it is an emotional, colour-0changing companion. BMW illustrated its vision for the future by replacing screens with an intelligent voice assistant and an advanced head-up display. This is something I wish Tesla would offer in their vehicles.

Stellantis showed Peugeot's Inception concept, which uses the STLA large platform and the glass-covered concept car can travel about 800 km or 500 miles on a single charge. We'll see if this is actually true because so many companies have touted long range and either haven't reached volume production or aren't profitable.

Other Cool Tech

Sony Honda Mobility revealed the Afeela alongside a concept car. It is a software-driven vehicle that could be contracted for up to 10 years. This vehicle hopes to be autonomous, have augmentation, and an affinity to the people driving it.

Mercedes-Benz didn't have a car, but they had an infrastructure offering. They want to have 10,000 high-power chargers across the world. They are launching a global, high-end charging network. So far, other charging networks besides Tesla have had difficulty staying up.

Blink showed five new charging stations including the infrastructure for one with a 55-inch LCD screen, with a smart charging cable, and a 30 kW DC fast charger. They hope to make the charging experience much more interactive and fun.

Many automotive companies also shared a more cautionary approach to self-driving vehicles, with a focus on driver assistance software rather than trying to get the car to completely drive itself. It seems Tesla is about the only company crazy enough to try that.