a deep look at lgs 27 inch smart tv selling for 999

LG has created an unusual TV - it's a TV on a stand which is most likely done so you don't have to mount the TV anywhere. You can simply put it somewhere and watch it like a normal TV.

The display of the TV can be rotated meaning you can watch things horizontally or vertically.

The price of the TV is $999. Is the TV reliable and sturdy? Will there be problems with the stand? To do this, we have to look at people's experience with it.

One owner said that it looks great in their living room. There is a WebOs that comes with it right out of the box. This person can watch live streams and is a gamer and has no issues. It also comes with a clip for the camera so you can take family pictures with no issue.

It can also be used to show fancy displays of images, such as cars, houses, or menus for business that need to do that, they can simply set one of these up easily.

The base appears to be super sturdy and even the little kids of this owner were not able to knock it over. There is also a claim of a 3 hour battery life and it charges very quickly.

Seems like a nice little TV that is portable and has multiple uses. The question is, is the $999 price tag worth it? Would you buy one?