meta facebook is partnering with the nba to do games in vr

Meta (parent company of Facebook) announced today that they are partnering with the NBA to offer viewing of games in VR (virtual reality).

We’re launching more than 50 live NBA games in virtual reality (VR) on Meta Quest, including five in immersive, 180-degree VR.
You can watch NBA, WNBA, G League and 2K League content on both XTADIUM and Meta Horizon Worlds.
We’re also partnering with the league to offer licensed team apparel in the Meta Avatars Store, so you can style your avatar in your favorite team’s gear.

What this Means

You'll be able to use *XTADIUM technology (United States only) to view the games using the Meta Quest headset. You can create a watch party and view with friends even.

Five of the games will include celebrity broadcasters. There are WNBA games as well.

Future of VR

What's impressive here is how committed Meta is to the future of VR. They are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at making this work and it's possible as the technology improves and becomes more realistic that this could pay huge dividends for Meta.

Read the official announcement from Meta

What do you think? Is watching basketball in VR compelling?