need a companion dog that doesnt shed or need food unitree robots has you covered

Unitree has a robot dog that only weighs 12kg! This robot dog does not need to be fed and does not shed. The robot can do tricks and follow a person around.

ISS Intelligent Concomitant System

  • Adopt patented wireless vector positioning and control technology
  • The robot is in the person's lateral peripheral vision, it is better than the conventional follow mode with natural human-computer interaction, safe and secure.
  • No need to always look back and worry about whether the robot is lost or encounters obstacles.
  • When the environment is complex, people can actively choose a simpler route to help the robot pass.

Robust and Reliable Powertrain

  • The new patented design of ultra-lightweight low-noise long-life power joints.
  • Body/Thigh Joint C1-8: 520g 23.70N.m (MAX).
  • Knee Joint C1-8×1.5 ratio 35.55N.m (MAX).
  • A patented heat pipe-assisted heat dissipation system is built into the vicinity of the knee joint motor.

The robot dog evens runs at 17km/hr!